Minister Kamp commences operation of Eneco bio-steam supply


On Monday, February 13th, the steam supply facility of the Eneco Bio Golden Raand (BGR) plant was officially inaugurated by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp. 

The BGR plant has been in operation since 2013, as biomass plant for the production of sustainable electricity. Eneco recently upgraded the plant for the production of green steam, for their customer AkzoNobel. The plant now produces twice as much sustainable energy from the same amount of biomass, thus contributing to national energy goals.

The project consisted of two phases. Phase one involved expansion of the existing steam line system. Tebodin was part of the integrated construction team, together with executive parties and stakeholders of Eneco. In phase two, the integration of the new steam turbine was engineered: a challenging project - engineering under high time-constraints, with appropriate risk management.