Masterclass Pipe-in-Pipe solution


March 16, 2017 Tebodin presented the Masterclass ‘Pipe-in-Pipe solution’ at Deltalinqs, a network organization in the Port of Rotterdam.

The interactieve session included the case about the flexible pipe-in-pipe solution of NAM’s Schoonebeek oilfield. Leakage caused by internal corrosion of a production water pipeline stopped the production of the oilfield.

The pipe-in-pipe construction reduced reparation time of the pipeline to an absolute minimum. The construction and the use of the flexible composite pipe are unique for the Netherlands. The scale of the project is unique worldwide.

The masterclass gave the audience good insights in the technique and execution behind the solution: which material is suitable for such a structure, what is the maximum friction and also rules and regulations were addressed. 

The organization of the project and the requirements were equally important. In addition stakeholder management and contact with the environment proved key to successfully conclude the project.

Minimal impact on environment
The masterclass enlightened participants when and for what type of pipes, this solution can be used. Moreover, the construction provides a minimum impact on the environment, an important consideration when production should not be interrupted. The speed and cost-effective nature of the solution were crucial for NAM to choose the pipe-in-pipe solution. The construction works for for high pressure, water, oil and gas pipelines.