Masterclass for children between 13-16 years old held at our office in Rostov


In the framework of the program ‘Business for orphans’, conducted by the Ministry of labor and social development of the Rostov region and together with the fund 'I'm without mother', we held a master class at our office in Rostov (Russia) for children between 13-16 years old. Kids from the rehabilitation center without parents in a difficult life situation visited our office.

The purpose of the program was to show the importance of studying and obtaining specialized knowledge, to form an idea of the modern labor market and the specificity of career building. Children were able to get acquainted with new professions and tell whom they would like to become in the future.

Our colleagues told about the history of our company, what we do and highlighted subjects you need to study to become an engineer. Especially attention was paid to the importance of learning English for further career building. We explained BIM-technology - every child was able to wear 3D glasses and walk through the premises of the Great Wall plant in the Tula region designed by our company.

Olga Strizhakova, HR Manager: ‘It was an interesting experience of communication and involvement of school-age children. We have tried to popularize the engineering professions and show how progressive the field of design is nowadays. The social aspect of our activities is an important part of the company's team life, so we plan to continue supporting such initiatives.’

Artem Chelohov, Legal counsel: ‘This is a great Idea – kids have already visited several companies, and I think it's important to inspire them in order to believe in themselves and to set a worthy benchmark for future careers.’