Lean construction management training


Recently, a lean construction management training was held for Bilfinger Tebodin employees in Moscow. This trendy management philosophy is used as a useful tool in construction to achieve goals in a faster, safer and more reliable way and thereby increase clients’ satisfaction. 

The training was a result of our close cooperation with STIHL on a recent project in the Krasnodar region. Professor Thomas Brandin, STIHL Division Manager Industrial Planning, took the initiative to share the knowledge in lean construction. As a great specialist in the field of project management, he thinks that such exchange of experience helps to further build close partnerships between companies.

During the training, the key principles of lean construction and the ‘last planner system’ approach were learned. The ‘should-can-will-did’ planning principles help to create a continues and smooth workflow with budget savings up to 30% and better project control on all its stages.

Some lean construction methods are applied by Bilfinger Tebodin teams in their work on sites. For instance Sergey Shelegov, Construction Supervisor, experienced the workshop as very useful: ‘Currently we are providing services for Nestlé where Lean Construction is widely used. To optimize the planning process and minimize possible errors, our team uses the VPN tool (Visual Planning Management); we can visually monitor the project at all stages and make the necessary adjustments in accordance with the deadlines. For particular specific tasks, we also use WhatsApp focus groups to take decisions.’