In 2020, Tebodin in North West Europe will be stronger than ever


In December 2016, Tebodin in North West Europe presented its ambitious strategic goals for 2020: substantial growth and a position of preference with global and regional clients.

Clients will be able to fully concentrate on their core business as Tebodin in cooperation with strategic partners, provides total solutions that exceed expectations and are delivered swiftly and flawlessly.

A strong people base
When asked to elaborate on the strategy, Director Mark Vossen said: ‘First you should understand that our business, consultancy and engineering, is a people business. We are proud to employ some of the finest, high-performing and engaged professionals in the business. Their drive and expertise are the key reasons for our success in our various markets, from oil & gas and chemical to food, pharma, energy, industry and infrastructure.’

‘An important part of our strategy is to ensure that our people are able to do what they do best. As we grow our business, we will at the same time continue to strengthen our people base.’

Integrated and risk-free solutions
Director Ron Blokzijl added: ‘The excellence that our consultants and engineers are offering today is the strong basis for further success. Moreover, we are able to leverage the expertise and resources of the broader Tebodin and Bilfinger network. In addition to our people’s in-depth understanding of specific industries, this gives us the possibility to develop innovative solutions using insights from a wide range of fields. Our network also includes the speed and cost-effectiveness of Tebodin’s offshoring services, a strong asset in upscaling our engineering capacity.’

‘To strengthen our position in the region, with the focus countries United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium and expand our client base, especially our multinational key accounts, we see opportunities in extending our service range: solutions from idea to realization. Together with partners who are able to further contribute to excellence in solutions for our clients we will offer services that cover a broader range of the value chain. This way, we will enable regional and global clients alike to focus on their core activities and provide them with a risk-free total package of integrated engineering solutions.’

Digitalization and continuous improvement
Mark Vossen: ‘While we are exploring these opportunities in the market, we are also focusing on continuous improvement of our processes and services. One area in this respect is digitalization, by which we will enhance our quality, the foundation under our growth scenario.  Digitalization will further play an important role in the development of new and innovative products for our clients.’

‘We will never stop improving ourselves and never stop finding ways to serve our clients better. This will be the key to achieving our ambitions for 2020.’