Gate’s truck loading bays designed by Tebodin in commercial operation


This month, Tebodin’s customer Gate terminal has successfully started the commercial operations of their two new truck loading bays. The new truck loading bays were built at the LNG terminal at the Maasvlakte, the Netherlands, and were designed by Tebodin. The truck loading bays are highly automated and combine best practices for safe operations with an excellent service level.

In the first half of 2017, approximately 750 trucks were being loaded. This is a 50% increase in the year to year comparison. Gate terminal wants to be prepared for future growth in demand, regarding LNG distribution via road or containers. By adding two new loadings bays to the existing bay, Gate is able to meet future demands.

In 2014 the first truck loading facility at Gate terminal, designed by Tebodin, was opened. Since then, truck freight has experienced strong growth in all market segments, also as cleaner fuel for trucks. 174 trucks were loaded with LNG in 2014. One year later, in 2015, this number has increased to 788. Small scale LNG is growing strongly.