From waste to biobased chemicals


On April 2nd the annual VMT Food Event took place in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. During this congress all professionals in the food industry came together to speak about trends and developments within the food market. Current important focus points are transparency within the supply chain, securing the quality and food safety and producing in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

Like every year Tebodin was prominently present at the congress. Besides the presence of a well-equipped stand, Tebodin gave a presentation together with ChainCraft about the process of turning food residues into biobased chemicals and the ambition of ChainCraft to build a demo plant. ChainCraft is an innovative company that develops mixed culture fermentation technologies in order to produce sustainable biobased chemicals that are able to compete with current state of the industry-produced chemicals. As an engineering partner, Tebodin helps ChainCraft to make the right steps from idea to technical realisation.

Take a look at this video (in Dutch) with the announcement of our presentation by Niels van Stralen (ChainCraft) and Erwin de Lange (Tebodin).