First project in new city KAEC in Saudi Arabia


With a total development area of 173 km², King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is located along the coast of the Red Sea, around 100 km north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The whole city will be fully completed by 2020. The city will help diversify the oil-based economy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by bringing direct foreign and domestic investments. Furthermore, the new city also will help create up to one million jobs for the young population of the country, where 40% of the population are under 15. When it's completed, KAEC will be larger than Washington DC.

It is being built along with 4 new cities in Saudi Arabia to control sprawl and congestion in existing cities. Immediately after being pre-qualified by the Economic Cities Authority at the KAEC, Tebodin in Saudi Arabia was selected to undertake all concept and design development, as well as supervision works of the WARED Facility project, a major logistic hub which will be built in two phases over 70,000 m² of land inside the Industrial Valley.

This first project in KAEC is an opportunity get more project successes.