First of a kind CO2 capture project at AVR


We are very proud to announce our video about the project of the first large-scale CO2-capture installation in the Netherlands, which is now completed at AVR. CO2 is captured from waste to energy plant flue-gasses, purified and liquefied in large storage tanks. Road tankers of Air Liquide will transport this liquid CO2 to greenhouses, where it will be used as a CO2 horticulture-fertilizer product. 

Some 15 percent of the carbon dioxide that results from waste incineration of residual waste in Duiven is re-used cycled in this way. That is equivalent to an annual total of 60,000 tonnes of CO2, an amount that can be increased to as much as 100,000 tonnes to meet increased demand.

Bilfinger Tebodin was responsible for the conceptual engineering and supported the basic engineering and the execution phase.

Watch the video for a nice insight in this unique project!

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The effects on (less) flue gases are already visible