Final client event 2019 held in Russia


Recently we held the final client event this year. Siemens, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Borjomi, Total and other industry leaders gathered in Moscow to get an insight into the environmental legislation in Russia: sanitary protection zones, documentation requirements, new approaches and practical issues.

Lukasz Warzec, Director Consultancy in Central & Eastern Europe, came from Poland to present environmental approach to brownfield projects: land types, environmental risk assessment, remediation methods and best practices.

Bilfinger Tebodin consultants and environmental experts are deeply involved in the topic and have a broad experience supporting the clients in investment decisions at any project stage. ‘We are ready to share Bilfinger Tebodin best practice with our clients and partners. Today, the topic of ecology is more than ever in demand in Russia – more and more innovations are introduced into the legislation, approaches and procedures for the preparation of necessary documentation are constantly changing in the field of industrial facilities construction. Our main target is to provide our clients with relevant information and help to cope with the most challenging tasks for their business related to sanitary protection zones, the procedure of their establishment and difficulties that may arise during the process’ - shares Olga Belova, Director Consultancy in Russia.

Consultancy at Bilfinger Tebodin offers investors strong support from the very beginning of the project. A strong international team always aims to identify the key needs and expectations of our customers. This final event in 2019 let us get an insight on how to offer higher added value to them.

Ekaterina Lazareva, Environmental specialist from Coca-Cola:  ‘Due to the recent changes in the Russian legislation, this topic has become very relevant for Coca-Cola. Surprisingly, it’s been a long time since we are looking for a company that could support us – and so far we have not been able to find either the necessary expertise or a reliable partner. We are very pleased to be at the event. Bilfinger Tebodin gave a clear picture of the legislation requirements practical advice.’