Expert interview on energy transition in the Dutch industry


René de Schutter, Business Development Manager Energy & Environment, recently gave an expert interview with regard to the energy transition in the Dutch Industry. You can read the translation below. The original article in Dutch can be found on page 6 of Topic Magazine.

What is the challenge concerning energy?

'We are used to two infrastructures, electricity and natural gas. These must be expanded with both a new CO2 infrastructure and hydrogen infrastructure. That costs a lot of money. At the same time, it is one of the most important building block to get through the energy transition well and to ensure that there will be a successful industry in 20 years.'

What does that mean for the industry?

'The Netherlands is strong in the process industry, which is linked to the fossil chain. The industries around Rotterdam and Zeeland together with East Flanders each emit 20 million tons of CO2 into the air. The sector must undergo a huge transformation in order to preserve the industry for the Netherlands. The major advantage is that the chemical clusters are located on the North Sea. This offers great potential for the capture and storage of CO2 in empty gas fields at sea.'

Where is our strength?

'We are one of the few countries with an intensive natural gas infrastructure. Building the CO2 and hydrogen infrastructure is an important step that must be taken now. Very positive is that we are focused on collaboration, networking and talking to each other, organizing events and seeing what comes out of the collaboration. Due to the corona crisis, the focus is now on employment, but it is important that politics give priority to the sustainability agenda.'