Event Engineering in Food & Beverage: Pharma meets Food and Food meets Pharma


At the Engineering in Food & Beverage event October 3, organized by VMT Food (mediapartner for the Food sector), Tebodin will address the subject Pharma meets Food / Food meets Pharma in an interactive presentation. 


Marc-Jan Backer, regional business developer Food & Pharma will highlight from a practical point of view knowledge and solutions from the Pharma sector which could also work in the Food sector and vice versa.


In the presentation topics like validation model, smart engineering and hygienic design from the Pharma sector will possibly help the Food sector with new insights.


Whereas insights from the Food sector about waste streams, fit for purpose engineering and cost effective work can possible help the Pharma sector.


Tebodin combines knowledge of the many different sectors in which we operate. These crossovers enable us to arrive at solutions that really work.