Energy savings in industry, get ready now!


The industry in the Netherlands is a major energy user, almost 50% of the total of the energy consumption in the Netherlands, with a high potential for savings in costs, energy and CO2.

This article, written by Mark Elderman, senior energy consultant and utility engineer of Tebodin, demonstrates that energy savings for the industry are relevant on all scale sizes. However the approach and realization of energy savings in industry require tailor-made solutions and do not always receive sufficient resources to realize projects.

Moreover there are many bottlenecks that impede far-reaching energy savings in industry.
Elderman describes several short term solutions. Restoration of the more "classic EEP", which includes analysis of the energy patterns and much more in-depth analysis of energy data and substantiation of the proposed energy-savings measures, is a good tool for identification and implementation of savings measures.

Multidisciplinary teams of energy consultants, energy engineers, contractors and financiers are required to identify, analyze and implement in-depth savings measures. Due to the very low electricity prices in the Netherlands (caused by the lack of a realistic CO2 fuel tax and supply of subsidized renewable electricity), the actual realized energy saving in industry is relatively small. Unfortunately a huge savings potential remains therefore unused.

Elderman concludes the article that the actual savings potential in the industry will substantially increase, up to 15% - 30%, if the barriers are removed and slightly longer repayment times up to six to eight years are accepted for utilities and residual heat projects with long technical life. Get ready now!

Read the article here (in Dutch).