E-MERGE consortium to work on TenneT high-voltage grid


Engineering firms join forces to accelerate energy transition.

The three engineering and consultancy firms Witteveen+Bos, Bilfinger Tebodin and Antea Group are combining their knowledge and experience in the field of electricity networks in the new project organization E-MERGE. By bringing together their areas of expertise, the firms can contribute more effectively to the energy transition and offer solutions for the national electricity supply. E-MERGE will work for grid operator TenneT in the coming years. On Friday, September 9, representatives of the above-mentioned companies and TenneT signed the agreement with a term of at least four years.

Tanja Lendzion, CEO of Antea Group Nederland: “The growing share of electricity in the energy mix of Dutch companies and households is putting pressure on the electricity infrastructure. To keep services reliable and safe, this requires restructuring, expansion and reinforcement of the network and high-voltage substations. This involves a variety of activities, each requiring specific disciplines. With E-MERGE, we bring all this to the client’s table in one organization.”

Integral and regional

“The initiative to cooperate was actually natural,” adds Witteveen+Bos director Eveline Buter. “Our organizations have been working with each other for decades on large complex projects. For the three of us, TenneT was already an important client in the field of energy transition. In the framework agreement, TenneT expressed the desire to organize projects integrally and regionally wherever possible. This desire prompted us to consolidate the good cooperation between our firms into a broadly deployable project organization.”

Sustainable future

Wim van den Brink, CEO of Bilfinger Tebodin Netherlands B.V., emphasizes that E-MERGE is not an obligation of opportunity: “Where the strength of one firm lies, for example, in its experience and technical expertise in the field of high voltage, the other partners complement this with, among other things, project management of large and complex infrastructure and installation projects, carrying out environmental or soil surveys and providing environmental management. This results in a synergy that contributes to the further acceleration of a sustainable future.”

European tender

The work for TenneT results from a European tender ‘EU-300 Technical & Spatial Services’ by the grid operator. E-MERGE has acquired two lots from this. The first concerns engineering, survey and consultancy services for modifications, new construction and expansions of high-voltage substations or high-voltage connections. The second includes the field and soil surveys that are necessary to realize adaptations, new construction and expansions of high-voltage stations or high-voltage connections. The EU-300 cooperation agreement between TenneT and E-MERGE has a term of at least four years, with the possibility of extension to eight years.



E-MERGE is a collaboration of Witterveen+Bos, Antea Group and Bilfinger Tebodin for the EU-300 cooperation agreement with TenneT. In order to tackle the major challenges in the field of electricity supply together with TenneT, E-MERGE has set up an integrated organization for this partnership for at least eight years, with employees who primarily work on the major tasks of TenneT. The objective is to strengthen the entire sector and support the energy transition through collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation and talent development.