DEUFOL construction has reached its highest point


In spring 2019, a German company Deufol, a global player in supply chain solutions, industrial packaging and supplementary services, has started its operations in Debrecen, Hungary. Currently the company is building a logistic park including a modern production site for packing materials.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy of Debrecen continues its growth as well as the Deufol business in Hungary. The construction of the new plant is developing according to expectations and the new DEUFOL factory has reached its highest point.

Jürgen Hillen, CFO of Deufol Group and Managing Director of Deufol Hungary: ‘We are grateful for the support of the Municipality of Debrecen and particularly the local municipality agencies EDC and DIC to get things moving and their help to reach the current status of the project. We thank the involved parties in making the progress happen in particular OK Bau and Market for the construction work performed, Tecton for the planning and construction supervision and Bilfinger Tebodin for the technical support.’

One of the buildings there is a  modern factory, designed for packaging production from raw materials. The second one is a hall where the customers’ equipment is packaged to be further stored in the outside storage area and later shipped to the destinations worldwide. To ensure smooth processes, Bilfinger Tebodin designed a technology part of both facilities.

Károly Pető, Project Manager: ‘Around 10 months ago Bilfinger Tebodin has started the project, providing technology design for packaging processes. It is our first project for Deufol, and I am glad both sides are happy working together as a team to make this project work. At Bilfinger Tebodin, process engineers in Central & Eastern Europe are our treasure, as the combination of civil and process design solutions is pretty unique on the market’.

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In the picture: Gergő Elek, Deufol Regional Operations Manager