Business breakfast in Russia focused on permitting


Tebodin organized a business breakfast about ‘Initial permits: handling procedures and risk analysis’, aimed to share our experience in project permitting expediting with the clients. Though hardly unique at a glance, the subject turned out to be of keen interest for the guests who daily face the regulatory challenges in Russia.

The consulting and engineering company gathered its best cases and presented the list of initial permit documentation as well as stages of its execution and ways of errors prevention when developing and collecting the initial permit documentation. Ruslana Turkenova, Permitting engineer at Tebodin: ‘In accordance with the Russian legislation, there is a defined approach to obtaining Initial permitting documentation during the whole project life cycle. Based on our long-term experience we support the client in organizing the process of the permits obtaining with minimal possible risks, as well as help to optimize this process in the most effective way.

The culmination point of the breakfast was an interactive discussion and networking with clients. Olga Belova, Tebodin’s Head of Consultancy: ‘We tried to explain what risks can be and must be mitigated far before the construction stage. This time we invited local clients. However, in the near future, it is our intention to welcome English-speaking clients to help them take a deeper look at the Russian permitting procedures, which are so ambiguous to these clients’.