Botlek 2nd Stage Compression


As part of an ongoing strategy to enhance the recovery rate and the profitability of some of the smaller gas fields in Land-West, in the Netherlands, it has been decided to install an additional centrifugal compressor stage on the first stage present at the Botlek (BTL) facility. This project is part of aQuaintance, a company framework consisting of Cofely, Tebodin and A.Hak. Together they provide the engineering, procurement, implementation and operation services for all NAM onshore projects. NAM is the largest producer of natural gas in the Netherlands, providing about 75 percent of the total natural gas production in the Netherlands.

A 2nd stage to the existing 1st stage further lowers the flowing tubing wellhead pressures (FTHP) of the BTL-1 and Pernis-West (PRW) wells, accelerating the ultimate gas recovery from the Botlek, Pernis and Pernis-West reservoirs. The production forecast up to 2021-2023 should be guaranteed by the existing and new machine.

As a result of further depletion, the existing centrifugal compressor stages on location Pernis-West and Botlek have been studied extensively together with MAN Diesel & Turbo as well. Part of the study was to verify and guarantee sufficient dry seal gas flow to the seals on the Pernis-West compressor in the future by installing a new seal gas booster compressor or by installing a throttle valve in the discharge.

Multiple engineering reviews as well as HEMP review have been done successfully in good collaboration between Tebodin, NAM and MAN Diesel & Turbo. Among others, the plant capacity control on both locations has been modified completely and is discussed extensively.

As engineering contractor, Tebodin was invited to perform necessary studies and issue the Basic Design Engineering Package on time. The latter was successfully reviewed during a Technical Review with NAM. Start Detailed Design is scheduled for 2015, where the construction phase and Technical Complete is in 2016.