BIM expertise


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a modern way of designing in today’s fast-evolving world. This application includes not only 3D models but also all project information like materials, their physical characteristics and mechanical properties.

BIM makes work more efficient. It allows the engineer to better calculate the estimated time and money required for the construction process.
Furthermore, it gives good understandable insight in the project and will save money. Ideas can be easy visualized and bring ideas into work.
A few years ago Tebodin in Ukraine decided to step into the BIM standards and to execute all big engineering projects in BIM. ‘It was like an unachievable dream, but now we are designing an automotive plant (200,000 m2) in BIM. We already executed a tire plant (80,000 m2) including detailed design and a shopping mall (80,000 m2) in Lviv; projects are under construction now’,  says Alexandr Nikitin, Country Director Ukraine.
A BIM meeting for Tebodin engineers was organized with the purpose to share knowledge and to discuss new challenges for future development.
Besides the diverse topics that were discussed, an Autodesk expert presented new trends and software updates related to engineering and construction.
Alexandr Nikitin: "Our ambition is to become BIM expert; able to share this standard in our network and to execute common multi-countries projects in BIM. We believe that within a few years CAD 2D drawings are not a standard. We proved, based on our experiences, that it is possible to use BIM as standard. You just need to have ambitious targets and move there with your team, start to execute projects in BIM and learn".