Bilfinger Tebodin survey: who do construction companies choose to work with?


The crisis of 2020, along with political and economic factors, provoked a significant price increase in all industries, including the construction sector. Among the main reasons for the price spikes are an increased demand for construction materials after lockdowns, a launch of previously suspended projects, a limited supply of raw materials and construction materials worldwide, strict deadlines and disruption of the supply chain, travel restrictions causing a workforce shortage, overpricing.

All those reasons have dramatically affected the timing, budget and further planning of ongoing projects. Both investors and construction companies faced unforeseen conditions. The market has changed, while adapting to these new challenging realities.

Having extensive experience in planning, procurement and project management in various industries, Bilfinger Tebodin experts conducted a survey among the key players on the construction market – General Contractors (both international and local) – to define the main current trends in project implementation, analyze market changes since 2019 and predict the vectors of its further development for the next 5 years. Read the full article by clicking on the image below: