Bilfinger Tebodin supports e-mobility investments across Europe


  • Europe aims for e-mobility hubs – from raw materials and components to final battery assemblies across the region
  • Bilfinger Tebodin partnerships to execute technical expertise & consultancy, engineering, overall project and construction management
  • Know-how and extreme timing to supply European market with premium sustainable EV battery solutions

Electromobility or e-mobility is a solution that grants us sustainable future with CO2 neutral mobility. The International Energy Agency predicts that electric vehicles will have a market share of about 30 percent by 2030, which roughly means 34 million e-cars on the roads. This transition has started already with industrial players creating our future right now and Bilfinger Tebodin is supporting this move. Recently in Central and Eastern Europe the company has been awarded 10 contracts for over 7.2 million euro for projects related to e-mobility. Those include all types of products to serve electric vehicles – from raw materials to final battery assemblies.

Magda Zemanova, Automotive market leader in CEE at Bilfinger Tebodin: ‘For Europe, the expected demand of produced EV batteries is 200 GWh annually by 2023, and 500 GWh by 2030. 90% of European EV batteries have been produced in Asia, and now we are glad to support new investors aiming to create self-sufficient local supply chain.’

EV battery business is not only about the final batteries assembly, but also about raw materials processing and more demanding chemical production of battery components such as cathodes, anodes, electrolytes and separators. Thanks to new EV battery plants raising up in Europe, the EU expects to have a 16% share of the 2,550 GWh global battery market by 2029 compared to just under 6% of todays 450 GWh.

The major investments are in Germany, Poland and Hungary. ‘We expect impressive announcements for other countries like Serbia or other Eastern countries, being a nice production location for European market and East-European OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). As for Central Europe, we see a bid interest in the Czech Republic as a hub for R&D centers’ – says Magda.

Having over 60 years of experience in automotive business and a long-term track of chemical projects, Bilfinger Tebodin is now running four projects for automotive and chemical producers involved in the EV battery supply chain. All projects are innovative in terms of investors’ know-how. As technologies are vibrantly developing, it requires flexibility to implement it in a best possible way. Bilfinger Tebodin multidisciplinary teams provide both technology and civil parts of a plant design, procurement and construction management, including project planning and cost control.

Battery components producers are under a huge pressure to start up production, as the market demand is growing. With dedicated cost experts and professional project managers, Bilfinger Tebodin identifies ways to meet or speed up the crucial deadlines.