Bilfinger Tebodin receives new order for detail engineering project from ONEgas


Recently ONEgas, a combined business unit of the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. (NAM) and Shell UK Exploration & Production has awarded Bilfinger Tebodin with the order for detail engineering services of phase 2B of the K15-FA offshore platform project. This order means a continuation of the engineering activities for the project that started with the order for basic engineering services in the second quarter of this year.

The order for the basic engineering was one of the first multi-disciplinary engineering orders received of ONEgas under the new framework agreement. The project is part of NAM’s decomplexing of their facilities, meaning that the platform, which is operational as from 1979 will be simplified and modified for remote operation.  

This will be done by reducing the installed equipment and operational personnel to a bare minimum to reduce operational and maintenance costs. Phase 2B of the K15-FA platform project concerns the switch to unmanned operation of the platform. This switch shall take place in Q2 2020. 

To realize unmanned operation, several design changes shall be implemented regarding controls of the unit such as: 
•    implementation of remote well operation
•    revision of the emergency depressurization
•    changes to automated firefighting approach

After implementing of these modifications to the platform, living quarters for uninterrupted stay on the platform will be dismantled and closed.

Click here to watch the video of NAM about the decomplexing of offshore platforms.

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