Bilfinger Tebodin meets future consultants


Recently, Bilfinger Tebodin participated in the UP 2 Consultancy event organized by Unipartners. During this so-called Consultancy Case Day, students from the Technical University in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, participated in case studies presented by five companies.

From Bilfinger Tebodin, Ad Broeren, Business Manager Technical Safety, and Mike Severens, Consultant Asset Management, were invited to give a company presentation and challenge students with a case study.

Broeren: “It is impossible to go into detail about our company, our services, and our accomplishments, and have students from different backgrounds work on a case that is challenging. Therefore, both Mike and I felt strongly that we should focus on why we do the things we do instead of focusing on what we do every day.” Severens: “By focusing on the development of our employees, they can focus on the development of our industrial clients. This is the reason we were founded more than 75 years ago and is still how we work today.”

Presenting a case called “Houston we have a problem!” we set the scene of current challenges we face in the office for an imaginary client based in Houston. In the microcosm of a case, 35 students from various technical disciplines exposed themselves to these issues. In the end, they were able to come up with applicable and original solutions to problems of nitrogen deposition, process safety and maintenance strategies.

It was a successful event with enthusiastic participants. “It was great to see that the new generation of engineering consultants is not only in it for their career, but is also methodically investigating ways to have an impact on society,” conclude Broeren and Severens.