Bilfinger Tebodin joins the Polish-German Wind Energy Club


In November Bilfinger Tebodin became a member of the Polish-German wind energy club (NPKEW) . As one of the leaders in the wind industry, we will have the opportunity to strengthen our position and contact new investors.

NPKEW facts

The main intention of NPKEW is to develop, popularize and expand renewable energy. Companies create this association by organizing events, such as conferences and trades, and actively participating in them. The goal is to provide a closer connection between enterprises and individuals operating in Germany and Poland in the field of wind energy. It was established to foster the exchange of experiences in order to act jointly and across borders on energy return.

The Polish – German wind energy club provides support for members with its team of professionals helping to empower their business. The club is a platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge and skills. NPKEW members include entities involved in project development, investors, producers, and experts with experience in building wind parks with a total capacity of over 38,000 MW in Germany and approx. 4,500 MW in Poland.

How to be environmentally friendly

By increasing the presence of wind energy on the market and in politics, as well as the responsible use of natural resources, we are able to contribute to the sustainable development of wind energy.

In Bilfinger Tebodin, we have many experts and projects to show and share with others. We also care about constant development in this area. One of the latest projects of that kind is a 38 MW Szymankowo Wind Farm in Poland. The farm went in operation on August 19, and as a contract engineer for Polenergia SA, Bilfinger Tebodin contributed to the overall project management, coordination and technical supervision of this new sustainable energy source.

As a new member of a wind energy club, Bilfinger Tebodin will belong to an opinion-forming international association. There will be direct contact with investors and companies from the Wind Power industry and the access to cooperation offers.

For further information reach out to Piotr Kolmetz, Business Development Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin.