Bilfinger Tebodin in the media: problem solver for the Dutch industry


Engineering company Bilfinger Tebodin has assisted the industry for 75 years with changes, such as currently with regard to the energy transition and nitrogen problems. 

Bilfinger Tebodin was founded in March 1945 by Professor van Itterson, the then chairman of the State Mines, to help the Dutch industry after World War II with the challenges of reconstruction. It is the common theme of Bilfinger Tebodin’s efforts over the past 75 years, says Managing Director Wim van den Brink. “Our mission is to help the industry with every challenge that comes their way. If a company has a production problem and wants to expand production – that is not always easy in the Netherlands – we are a one-stop-shop engineering company that comes up with technical, creative solutions that can also carry out projects on a project basis, within budget and time schedule. We are at our best when a company has a vague idea. Then we help turn that idea into a conceptual design.”

“Bilfinger Tebodin is there for the industry, but we try to make the existing industry as socially responsible as possible. The industry benefits from this and we benefit from it ourselves.”

Process Industry and Infrastructure
Our customers are active in the process industry (chemical, food, oil and gas and pharmacy) and infrastructure. Bilfinger Tebodin is one of the largest engineering companies in the field of underground pipelines. “They will soon be very important for transporting CO2 to the storage fields at sea, but also for the heat network. Both are important links in the energy transition.” 

“We want everything in the Netherlands and rightly so. A green environment, clean air and good jobs. That “pressure cooker” leads to new ideas. That is the joy of being an engineer in the Netherlands. You try to find a solution that all parties are satisfied with. If you can work it out together, this often leads to innovation. As Bilfinger Tebodin, we like to play a role in that.” Van den Brink continues: “You see that the Dutch industry is often sharply competitive in the environmental field compared to the competition. CO2 and sustainability are a global issue, so you better do it right here and export some of the innovations.” 

Bilfinger Tebodin as an independent engineering company. In addition to engineers, the agency also employs consultant in the areas of permits, government requirements, safety and maintenance. 

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