Bilfinger Tebodin in the e-magazine of “Het Nieuwe Produceren” (Production of The Future)


The e-magazine “Het Nieuwe Produceren” (Production of the Future) is about innovations in the production industry with a focus on sustainability, safety and innovative production.

Producers of the future need to invest in digitalization of their production facilities. According to Maurice Houben, director of strategy and business development at Bilfinger Tebodin there are three pre-conditions for success: “Industry 4.0 is fully organized for the optimal exploitation of ‘The Internet of Things’ and connected but also sustainable and extremely flexible. 

In the white paper of Bilfinger Tebodin these success factors for the factory of the future are further explained.

Click here to read the full article in the e-magazine “Het Nieuwe Produceren” and the white paper in Dutch. Note: the article is in Dutch.

Click here to download the white paper in English.