Bilfinger Tebodin donates computers to enable children access online education


Surveys show that an alarming number of students cannot attend distance learning because they do not have a computer at home. In fact, ⅓ children in 1,000 schools do not have access to online education and 4,000 children are completely offline at home in families, according to Czech School Inspectorate survey and estimations of People in Need and OSF Foundation. 

Bilfinger Tebodin got in touch with a non-profitable organization that deals with collecting and handing over PC equipment for those children. Volunteers from Bilfinger Tebodin in the Czech Republic delivered the donated laptops to the families, and made sure that the students will now be engaged in the learning process.

‘No child should be left behind with their education. Unfortunately, this is quite an issue in the Czech Republic, so Bilfinger Tebodin stepped in to help and make it work!’ – comments Marketa Vlkova, Bilfinger Tebodin HR.

Together with us, many international companies joined the donation program, like Lego, Lenovo, Samsung. Learn more about the program via the link.