Bilfinger Tebodin designs 3.5 GW Green Hydrogen Electrolyser


In 2019, North Sea Energy 3, the third phase of the North Sea Energy program led by TNO, started. Bilfinger Tebodin participated to conduct a public study on using the energy infrastructure of the North Sea. The goal of the study is to support the energy transition in the North Sea region and fits our company’s desire to think about what future solutions might look like. The final report of the study can be found here.

As part of the study, Bilfinger Tebodin has jointly delivered a number of energy islands of various sizes in the North Sea. Bilfinger Tebodin conducted a feasibility study and designed the large-scale hydrogen production facilities on the islands, as you can see in below artist impression video. Bilfinger Tebodin has designed six different hydrogen production facilities on the three different islands. The islands’ energy sizes vary from 2 gigawatts, 5 gigawatts to 20 gigawatts. Below video is an artist impression of the 5 gigawatts island, which is roughly 1 kilometer x 600 meters in size. 70% of the wind power coming through the island is used to produce hydrogen and the rest is transported to shore.

These types of energy islands or platforms in the North Sea will be the future. If you would like more information about the North Sea Energy 3 program and the islands, please contact Rene de Schutter (*Please remove text between *, this is a spam protection*, +31 6 50 26 66 34)