Bilfinger Tebodin contributes to updating energy saving measures for Dutch industry


Bilfinger Tebodin and BlueTerra have collaborated to test all possible process measures for Dutch industry on the list for energy saving measures (in Dutch: Erkende Maatregelenlijst energiebesparing, EML) recognized by the Dutch government. The goal was to create a complete picture of all possible energy savings measures in the field of, amongst others, residual heat utilization, steam measures and process efficiency.

The EML is an overview of energy-saving measures of which the Dutch government indicates that they have an expected return on investment of less than 5 years. The measures listed were developed several years ago and were ready for an update. Together with BlueTerra, we went through all the industrial measures to research the applicability, payback time and if energy savings can be achieved. The full updated list of energy-saving measures for the 2022 update, which are currently under consideration by the RVO, can be found here. Please note, this list is only available in Dutch as it is connected to Dutch legislation.

We are proud to have contributed to this important update with our multidisciplinary team of consultants from our Industrial Sustainability department and engineers from our energy department. Because of our involvement in this project, we have been able to gain good insight into how such energy-saving measures come about and what factors influence the economic feasibility of these measures.