Basic design of a new plant for Agrico in Russia


Tebodin in Russia and Agrico Group signed a contract for the basic design of a meat-processing plant in the Stavropol region. Founded in 1999, Agrico Group is the largest agro-industrial company in Russia.

Agrico performs a full range of production operations involving growing, processing, storage and sales of agricultural products. Among the top priorities of the Group are crop production, vegetable growing, pig production, and meat processing.The new plant for meat production, with a total area of 25,000 m2, will have a production capacity of 69 t/per day.

This is the next stage of the project. Earlier, Tebodin was involved in the construction and modernization of a wholesale and distribution retail center, for which Tebodin did the conceptual design. This center included a meat-processing plant, logistic complex for vegetables and fruits (storage of 30,000 tons) and a plant for their freeze and sublimation.