Authorities at the table for optimal routing


​The roads in the urban agglomeration of The Hague are used heavily. The selected routes to the main goals for road users are designated with signposting. In this project 'Regionaal Doelenplan Haaglanden' Tebodin has set up a long term routing plan by investigating all specific policy plans within the region with the ultimate goal to achieve the most safe and quickest routes for the users. Furthermore all necessary authorities were invited and Tebodin guided all the content discussions to achieve consensus.

The result is incorporated in lots of routing maps created in a GIS-application. This plan not only gave insights for optimal routing but also established a better collaboration between road authorities on this topic is achieved and it’s much more easier to set up new signposting plans in the future!

The article written by Tebodin together with the municipality of the Hague and Rijkswaterstaat, is recently published in ‘Verkeerskunde’ (in Dutch). You can read the article here.