Asperitas and Tebodin announce partnership in Immersed Computing


Asperitas and Tebodin are announcing a partnership in Immersed Computing®. This innovative datacenter technology, which uses liquid cooling to reduce 40-50% energy in datacenters, was developed by Dutch cleantech company Asperitas.

Asperitas and Tebodin will partner to bring Immersed Computing® to single tenant datacenters and serve the enterprise market. Tebodin is adopting Immersed Computing® in sustainable and innovative datacenters concepts offering customers significant cost reduction, enhanced stability and modular expansion as and when required. The first of such an innovative and datacenter concept has been presented at the international launch event of Asperitas at Cloud Expo Europe in London.

Tebodin offers an integral range of consulting & engineering solutions for datacenters, often combining knowledge and insights from other industry sectors. For example the securing of critical systems in the Oil & Gas industry. The experience in asset-management guarantees optimal deployment of assets.