Article: 'Smart inspection decisions result in a safer company'


Bilfinger Tebodin is in magazine 'Het Nieuwe Produceren'.

Erik Broere, Asset Management and Reliability Manager and Marco van de Weerdt, Asset Management and Reliability Consultant, explain how combining production- and maintenance data allows maintenance to become more dynamic.

Inspection and maintenance in many companies is based on legal regulations or suppliers’ specifications. This results in an inspection of an installation at a fixed moment in time, for instance every second week, or every second month. Inspections are an essential snapshot. Without relevant data it can be extremely challenging for a maintenance manager and results in a high dependency on the quality of the inspections carried out, leading to possible inconsistencies that could potentially lead to risk. 


Reading instrumentation and combining data provides more insight and increasingly accurate estimations to why something is occurring. Using production and maintenance data in this way also allows us to tackle maintenance and data inspections more smartly.