Another milestone reached for Huntsman: Flex Polyols units brought on site


On Friday the 21st of February all units for Huntsman project Capstone, a new Flex Polyols facility, were transported and placed on the Huntsman site in Rotterdam. Divided in 4 modules, all built outside the Huntsman site, the units were shipped, transported and safely placed within 48 hours. This means that another milestone has successfully been reached.
The modular approach to this Capstone project is quite unique. The purpose is to minimize the necessary construction work at site and hence reduce the safety risks.
Huntsman is one of Tebodin’s main clients in the Netherlands. Huntsman has chosen Tebodin as their partner wants to continue the successful collaboration that started with succesfull commissioning of project Keystone, a new MDI Splitter. Tebodin has provided  FEED (Front End Engineering Design)  services in 2012 and has since been working on EPCm (Engineering, Procurement, Construction management) services for project Capstone, which consists of the realization of the expansion of the existing Flex Polyols facility on the Rotterdam site.