A series of projects for Saf-Viet, a member of Lesaffre Group


Tebodin in Vietnam has been executing a series of projects for Saf-Viet, who is expanding its yeast production plant in Long An province, Southern area of Vietnam. Currently, they are working on the DDEP (Detail Design Engineering Package), the final stage to connect all equipment and machines in order for the 781 Saf-Viet separation project to start its operation.

Based on the frozen basic design, Tebodin will make the detailed design in accordance with the applicable and stipulated norms. The scope of work includes: detailed equipment layout, piping detailed 2D layout and drawings, any relevant section, elevation drawings, ISO drawings, piping supports layout and detailed typical drawings. The development of all these items are based on 3D Piping Model Design (PDMS).

In 2013, Tebodin completed two other projects for Saf-Viet: permitting and manpower supply for Monsoon project; basic and detailed design for civil, structural and architectural, electrical and fire-fighting works for plant expansion. The third project, done in June, 2014, consisted of the development of the updated 3D render model of the plant after extension, and basic and detail design for tender (civil, HVAC and electrical works) for two additional buildings.

Saf-Viet is a French Vietnamese joint venture specialized in production and distribution of Baker's yeast. Saf-Viet is part of Lesaffre group, world leader in its industry. Lesaffre sets the global standard for yeast and other fermentation products. The company designs, manufactures and markets solutions that promote baking, nutrition and health.
Besides Vietnam, Tebodin has also worked for Lesaffre in China. The series of projects we have been doing for Saf-Viet demonstrates our strengths and commitment to this outstanding partnership.