First deliverable of our Purpose Accelerator team ready


Over the past few months, our team has been working hard on the Purpose Accelerator project. During the project we investigate, together with PhD candidates from multiple universities in the Netherlands, how to introduce the principles of Circular Economy to the Chemical industry.

The first deliverable of this circular economy and sustainability-based project is a ‘two pager’, which defines the goal and the approach to the project.

Do you work in the Chemical industry? Please contribute!
The team will now go out and perform interviews to gather the relevant perspectives from the chemical industry. If you or your colleagues would like to contribute to this research, and share your views on the application of circular economics in the chemical industry, please contact us by e-mail or phone!

Matthew van Hulle,
E: matthew.van.hulle*Den Text zwischen den * loeschen, dies ist ein Spamschutz*,
T: +31 6 55 10 30 35

Click here to download the two-pager.

Click here for the introduction of the participating PhD students and Bilfinger Tebodin colleagues