Amazingly long career at Bilfinger Tebodin


Some people celebrate their 10th, 20th or 30th work anniversary, but our champion with 60 years is Josef Štětina!

Mr. Štětina joined Bilfinger Tebodin in 1958, when in Prague it was called Projekta - a design institute specialized in automotive industry, heavy industry and weapon production.

Josef Štetina´s engineering discipline was a painting process and surface treatment. He kept on focusing on this expertise when Projekta was taken over by Bilfinger Tebodin, and later on when we became a part of Bilfinger SE. When he got officially retired, Josef Štetina decided to continue working. His colleagues and clients always enjoyed his deep know-know and knowledge about latest technology inventions. ‘Looking back at these sixty years, I remember hundreds projects I’ve worked on’, comments Josef. ‘The team has always been pleasant to work in. I liked working with new young colleagues who are very passionate; I learned a lot from them mainly about new technologies. I would like to thank Bilfinger Tebodin for all opportunities and gained insight.’

Jan Bobek, CEE Business Development Director says : ‘Whenever we are dealing with a client’s brown-field facility and surface treatment unit in place, we come to Mr. Štetina and his usual reaction is: ‘Yes, I know about it; I have designed it years ago and I know how to find a solution. We’re very proud of Josef Štětina who shared many, many years of experience and history with us.’

Bilfinger Tebodin amazingly long career
Bilfinger Tebodin amazingly long career