Bilfinger Tebodin competes in the Process Innovation Price 2018, cast your vote now!


During the Industrial Processing Trade Fair 2018 at which we will exhibit from 2-5 October in Jaarbeurs Utrecht (the Netherlands), Bilfinger Tebodin competes in the Process Innovation Price 2018. New technologies with appliances in process industry are compared in this contest. 

Bilfinger Tebodin’s submission is Industrial 360°. With a 360° camera we scan production facilities of our clients and create a photorealistic environment in which someone can walk virtually. This online environment is accessible from any device with access to internet. An average sized factory is scanned in 2-3 hours. The scanner creates a point cloud on the basis of which conceptual- and basic engineering can be performed. Besides, virtual equipment can be tagged with extra information and linked to external databases.  

The virtual walkthrough can be used for many purposes such as: all kinds of safety inspections, maintenance objectives and turnarounds. It gives fast, user-friendly and very cost-effective insight in the situation in a plant. 

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