World Hydrogen Rollouts Conference

30.06.2020 – event ended

Keren Rajavelu, Process Engineer at Bilfinger Tebodin, recently participated in the World Hydrogen Rollouts Conference organized by Green Power Global, a large network of companies that work on sustainable and renewable business.

During the conference, Keren presented the North Sea Energy 3 program and the work Bilfinger Tebodin conducted as partner in this program. As part of the program, Bilfinger Tebodin has jointly delivered a number of energy islands of various sized in the North Sea for the production of hydrogen. Read more about this here.

The presentation included the perspective of offshore/onshore electrolysis concept in the hydrogen supply chain and the importance of hydrogen in decarbonizing the industrial sector. Keren presented the activities of the Bilfinger energy transition team, starting with the H2 strategy and North Sea Energy Program, and expanding to the engineering potential of Bilfinger in mobilizing hydrogen power.

After the presentation, Keren participated in a Hydrogen Power Panel discussion during which many questions were raised related to engineering challenges of upscaling of hydrogen. Some of these questions include:

  • What is the cost of desalination in comparison to electrolysis costs and the total system costs?
  • In terms of largescale electrolysis, what is the capacity of PEM and alkaline electrolysers operating at the moment and the future scale?
  • In concept of reusing the offshore platform, what is the limit of scale of hydrogen production using electrolysis?
  • What were some specific engineering surprises when Bilfinger looked into the concept of the energy island?

If you would like to know the answer to some of these questions or if you have any other questions yourself, please do not hesitate to contact Keren by sending an email to keren.rajavelu*Please remove text between *, this is a spam protection*

Visit our Energy transition and solutions page for examples and references.