Hydrogen Days 2021

24-25 March, event ended

Language: English

The 11th Hydrogen Days conference, which role is coordinating the activities in Central and Eastern Europe, as a region with an important space still open for first introduction of new hydrogen technologies, is held online in 2021.

Bilfinger Tebodin experts present the experience of the company on hydrogen projects across Europe. Martin Dittrich, Business development director, and Michal Kloda, Project manager, dive into details about a big hydrogen production offshore island in the North Sea, which concept study was made in three variants for 2; 5 and 20 GW of offshore wind capacity connected to it. Among other Bilfinger projects, they share experience from large-scale compression station study for approx. 1 GW electrolysis production capacity and about the hydrogen embedded into liquids (e.g. LOHC).

For more information please contact Martin Dittrich, Energy market leader, at martin.dittrich*Please remove text between *, this is a spam protection*@bilfinger.com.