AFI Annual Conference

03.09.2020 - event ended

The first big offline event after the pandemic gathered 110 participants. This year's AFI Annual Conference in Prague was visited by AFI top management, members and investors. It was dedicated to economy and investment from the private and state sectors. Bilfinger Tebodin was the main partner of the conference.

Here are some highlights from the conference about the economical situation in the Czech Republic, that might be of an interest:

  • The participants agreed that the tax system in the country is not motivating the region and its representatives to attract new investors to the area. A mid-term and a long-term tax strategy is missing.
  • The European Union requires the Czech Republic to have a new civil code as fast as possible. It is a key condition to reach the EU funds.
  • There are new financial tools coming – EU recovery fund and Nation development fund.
  • The EU is demanding the products produced in the EU. This can boost some investment activities in the country.
  • Banks are having enough money to lend, but investors are nowadays hesitating to invest or run new projects.
  • Investment trends are energetics and green projects, which includes adaptation of the buildings, cities and infrastructure.

Get more details from Martin Dirrtich, Bilfinger Tebodin Business Development director in the Czech Republic and AFI Steering Committee member.