Bilfinger Tebodin consultants share their experience and insights

Ad Broeren

Business Manager Technical Safety

I will overcome

59. Last Paralympic games in Tokyo, a Dutch athlete was called to the podium to be honored 59 times. 59 times a Dutch athlete showed that great things can be achieved if you do not take ‘no’ for an answer. Every single one of those moments, our nation paid homage to the athlete. The athlete made us feel proud. According to our prime minister, the achievement of those 59 athletes was even greater than that of a non-disabled athlete, because they also had to overcome their handicap.


Łukasz Warzec

Consultancy Business Line Director in CEE

Have you reached out to your band recently?

In the time of enduring restrictions, I was a witness of a truly magic moment this August. Adam Nergal Darski and John Porter played together again.

If these names don’t ring a bell for you, I will tell you the story. Back in 2018, the rock band I was a fan of – Me and That Man – parted ways and confirmed they are not performing together anymore. Imagine my astonishment, when after a three-year break they appeared together right in front of me, in the red lights of the Palladium stage in Warsaw.