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Ad Broeren

Business Manager Technical Safety

If I have the proper tools, I can even make puppies

For more than 35 years, my father was a teacher in architectural engineering. He taught hordes and hordes of young kids, predominately young men, the art of woodwork, masonry, material science, how to make the best construction and how to use machines in the lumber shop safely. When visiting the city where he taught, we used to take extra time into account because all of the old students he would encounter and have a chat with.

Every day when he got home from work, he smelled like sawdust. Now, years later, every time I saw a piece of wood it brings me back to my childhood. My father saw no sense in buying furniture, lest it being a couch. Every time my mother wanted a new table or a dresser closet, my father would say: I can make that myself. With the example in mind of what she wanted, my mother would ask him: are you sure, because this one looks rather difficult. In that case, my father, never shy of witty replies, would answer: If I have the proper tools, I can even make puppies.

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Łukasz Warzec

Consultancy Business Line Director in CEE

As you sow, so you reap

April 22 was the World Earth Day. Even having it as just one day out of 365, I do believe that it’s a good reminder to learn how to minimize our (human) negative influence on the planet on a daily basis.

In the years to come we will reap what we’ve sowed, right? That is why each of us is responsibly minimizing waste production, reducing the usage of energy, optimizing our traveling, re-use and recycle, limit the plastic materials in our lives.

However, being a graduate of Geology Faculty Environmental Protection, I can assure you that the scale of human impact is miserable, compared to how natural processes negatively affect the globe. The influence of those processes as well as industrial developments is incomparably large versus a human factor.

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