Web Summit - one of the greatest technology events of the outgoing year

Web Summit in Lisbon this month was one of the greatest technology events of the outgoing year. Such events not only provide a holistic view on global technology developments, they also activate creative thoughts and ideas on how to become the best version of yourself in a technology enabled era of digital transformation and energy transition. State governors, reputable century-old business giants, startups, social activists and many other climate-concerned participants discuss together how to re-architect the world for 10 billion people world living sustainability by 2050 with the help of technology.

Unstoppable, global transformation is on, changing the way we manufacture, deliver, consume and plan. Industry-by-industry and sector-by-sector, sustainable development goals are changing market landscapes paving the way a greener future:

  • Energy & Utilities are now software companies focusing on energy management, digitalization and decentralization. Companies like ENGIE create their own digital labs in order to provide consumers with state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Technology giants owning big data take care of energy efficiency creating energy management tools. For instance, Google launched a global project Sunroof enabling the assessment of energy potential and the economic effect of solar panel installation at almost any place of the world.
  • Sector coupling fueled by zero-carbon energy is redesigning industrial processes and transforming industrial clusters and country profiles. Energy giants like Shell are thinking decades ahead exploring different future scenarios and promoting a cleaner way of doing energy business.
  • Drones are transforming transportation markets providing less time and better consumer experience as well as easing pressure on urban infrastructure. Companies like Manna are delivering goods within less than 5 minutes.
  • The rise of flying cars expands life radius and bridges urban – rural divide. Lilium jet is going to deliver us to 300 km distance during just one hour!
  • Cities’ infrastructure is transforming with the development of sharing economy and personal mobility. Flying taxis of Volocopter utilize the air as the new infrastructure.
  • IT sector and electric vehicles will double electricity demand by 2030 according to Schneider Electric, by this raising the demand for more renewable energy and making another technology spiral turn begin. 

All this is not going to happen. It is already happening. The future is here and the sky is not the limit any more! And even if some of the projects are not destined to succeed, the development is obviously unstoppable.

We at Bilfinger Tebodin believe that all these changes provide multiple opportunities when managed properly and led with passion! Supporting energy transition we continuously develop and test new approaches and solutions covering specific issues emerging at every stage of running business from strategic input until the execution and maintenance. We dare to lead the challenge and help our partners thrive on it!

Аuthor: Oksana Roman

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