The time for new beginnings is now: Decommissioning two old ladies from the 80's

During my young adulthood, I’ve always been intrigued by engineering. I therefore chose “Industrial Engineering and Management” as the right study for me, and so it was. My study provided me with a solid base to build from, looking at problems as opportunities and maintaining a holistic view whilst always seeking for ways to improve. In order to do so, you need to be able to adjust quickly and act on the spot. These skills were called upon when a customer in Denmark asked Bilfinger Tebodin’s assistance during the summer holiday season for an incredible project.

Flying start

As a starting consultant, you might expect to start by supporting the seniors in the execution of their activities, from analyzing processes to compiling reports. You probably do not expect going to the customer abroad alone, acting as the vocal point for your company within your first two months. At Bilfinger Tebodin however, juniors are given awesome opportunities and I have just been given such a chance. 

The sweet candy

In Frederikshavn Denmark, two large gas production platforms were transported in one piece and stationed on-shore at a 280.000m2 recycling facility. At this facility, the end of the line has been reached for these platforms, who have been operating since 1984. Here they are dismantled and more than 95% of the parts are recycled. However, before the dismantling can start, the hazardous materials inside these platforms need to be identified, analyzed and eventually removed under safe conditions.

Safety works

Naturally Occurring Radiative Materials (NORM), Asbestos and Mercury are known to be present inside oil and gas platforms. These hazardous materials are dangerous for humans and nature when not handled properly. Therefore, they need to be removed from these platforms under safe conditions before dismantling can start. This requires expertise, clear instructions, protocols that comply with local and international laws and a safety awareness mindset, areas in which Bilfinger Tebodin is very familiar.

Trustworthy partner

I am a passionate technical consultant and seeing two massive gas platforms located on-shore makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Knowing Bilfinger Tebodin places this trust in me as a starting consultant and having this huge backbone of skilled and knowledgeable colleagues makes me certain that this project will be a success. Using a Strategic Business Case Analysis based on experience within the oil and gas industry, Bilfinger Tebodin is always able to find the best solution to any obstacle, from engineering to Long Life Asset Management and eventually the decommissioning of platforms. If you’re interested in the opportunities we provide related to the oil and gas industry, send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible or take a look at our website and see what we can do for you.

You want to work here

As for starting, motivated, job-seeking individuals, have a look at our website here and see why we do what we do, how we do it and how you can become part of an organization that thrives by supporting their employees. I can tell from experience that Bilfinger Tebodin is awesome. The level of support and trust I receive makes me feel enormously proud to be a part of Bilfinger Tebodin. 

Аuthor: Micha Visser