Starting a new job in 2020

I met Bilfinger Tebodin in the summer of 2020 and it was love right away. I started my job as Mechanical & Piping Engineer on September 1st. I was very lucky because I had the possibility to meet some of my new colleagues in person. Despite the physical distance, I received a warm welcome with lots of virtual handshakes from colleagues I was not able to meet in person. On my first day, I was introduced to my buddy who showed me everything I needed to know. I also received some gifts from Bilfinger Tebodin and immediately started feeling part of something really positive. After the first month, I was supposed to move to the office in Elsloo, in the south of the Netherlands, to join a different project with a different team. However, new Covid-19 restrictions were put in place and I had to start working from home instead.

I have never met my teammates but still got to know them

The project was already underway when I joined the team. It is a huge project, with many people involved and I had not met any of them at the very beginning. I thought it would be difficult to catch up and get to know each other digitally, but it was a big relief discovering that I was wrong. I started learning names of my teammates, then studying the project requisitions and working on the procedures but most importantly, I started to build a good relationship with the new team. Holding digital meetings with the camera on helped me to associate names with faces and to break the ice. Everybody was very welcoming and helped me in this transition.

We make ideas work under any circumstances

Obviously, coffee tastes better at the office with colleagues, but the structured and organized approach of my onboarding within Bilfinger Tebodin made me feel part of the team even from home. No matter what happens, work keeps going and the projects don’t stop. Within a couple of weeks, I was fully operational. I understood the procedures, I knew targets, deadlines and expectations, and I knew my colleagues and my team.

Don’t be afraid to call your colleagues

I had 5 years’ experience when joining Bilfinger Tebodin and I’ve always worked in big international companies, so I was prepared to deal with this situation of working from home when starting a new job. However, I thought about how difficult it could be for a junior employee or someone starting their first job in this situation. They not only have to deal with working life, getting to know a new company, internal procedures, new software etc., but they have to do this working from home by themselves.

My advice? Don’t be afraid to call your buddy or colleague anytime you have a question, need help or when you’re feeling lost and need some motivation. Within Bilfinger Tebodin, you will always get somebody helpful on the other side of the line happy to support and motivate you in this new normal. We all have the same challenges at the beginning of a new job and it is easier when you can deal with them working at the office. However, don’t let the virus steal your learning path and motivation. Even if they are not there physically, your colleagues are still around!

Аuthor: Riccardo Giannini