Personal effectiveness: first module of the Bilfinger Talent Program

Working for 2 years at Bilfinger Tebodin I see and experience that the company is investing a lot in talent management and self-development of their employees. The Bilfinger Talent Program is one of the great examples of this investment.

End of April 2019 the first edition of the Bilfinger Talent Program has started. The Talent Program is an outstanding international modular training over 12 months that enables the participants to develop the awareness, skills and mindsets we might need for greater future success. For this edition, 15 employees from different Bilfinger entities were selected.  

The program contains a blend of knowledge and skill inputs, authentic and challenging experiences, direct exposure to a broad view of Bilfinger, and expert support and facilitation to enable participants to unlock our own potential.

The program consists of the following 3 modules of 2,5 days organised in different locations:

  • Module 1: Personal Effectiveness
  • Module 2: Interpersonal & Team Effectiveness
  • Module 3: Business Relevant Thinking

The first module about personal effectiveness was held in April in the beautiful Lake District in the UK. We have been developing foundational awareness and skill-building experience enabling us to become more effective in the approach to our work and personal life.

During the module, we explored the following topics, through individual and group assignments:

  • Personal awareness, effectiveness and efficiency
  •  Dealing with change
  • Exploring own drivers, values, beliefs and preferences
  • Proactive versus reactive behavior
  • Personal visioning
  • Using time effectively
  • Leadership as a form of Action

Many team building and personal development activities were organized such as rowing activity on a lake, construction activities, climbing and jumping off 10m poles and swimming in freezing cold water in the dark. All activities are built to illustrate learning topics and encourage self-reflection and analysis.

The module ended with a powerful group project. We were challenged to organize a career forum for 15-year-old students of a local school within a very short timeframe of a few hours. 

The module was a huge success with many learning points and experiences with the team and steep learning curve! More articles and insights will come along with the next modules.

If you would like to know more about working at Bilfinger Tebodin or the Bilfinger Talent Program, feel free to contact me and look at our career page!

Аuthor: Claire Basset

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