My start as a Pipeline engineer at Bilfinger Tebodin

Why engineer?

I was born in Brazil in 1992, in a region where large industry complexes and infrastructure have developed very rapidly! In my childhood, my city was surrounded by those great projects, which happened one after the other. Their complexity was fascinating to me, and summing it up with the contribution they brought to a better society, I have decided to be an engineer.

 Looking for my place

After my graduation, I have worked for three years in fields related to engineering. Although I learned a lot, I realized I have been too much into the financial part of the engineering, which was not my initial desire. Then I started looking for a place where my function would be directly connected with the development of engineering solutions and its challenges. Fortunately, I came to know about a job offer as a Pipeline Engineer at Bilfinger Tebodin, where I saw my chance and took it.

 The start

The first steps are very challenging for a pipeline engineer. You learn something about it at university but it does not mean you are ready. Therefore, in the beginning, the job involves a lot of studying. This includes for example: ground mechanics, material properties, and off course the national and intentional norms. However, don’t worry! The company gives you the time to learn it. Your knowledge is a very important asset.

 The team

Being someone with no experience in the pipelines world, I needed and I still need help when new questions come up. Sometimes I find it even embarrassing how much I need to ask. I am noticing however, this is no problem at all; the team is absolutely open and ready to help. Knowledge is distributed throughout the group and it makes each and every one of the team members important and necessary.

 The first projects

During the first 4 months I have contributed in projects such as: gas stations, oil platforms, district heating, and energy stations. I had the chance to visit two of them, and I can say I felt exactly what I was looking for in the beginning, the fascinating complexity of engineering projects, and at the same time the conscience that your work contributes for a better society.

 We Create

Would you also like to do this challenging work and be part of the Bilfinger Tebodin team? Have a look at our website, social media channels or contact me by mail, phone or LinkedIn message. It will be a pleasure to help you!

Аuthor: José Inácio Oliveira

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