My first months as junior consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin

I knew that there were plenty of job openings when I graduated in Chemical Engineering last year. This was one of my main reasons to choose for a technical degree. My interests in the (chemical) industry, a natural beta-feeling, a dose of enthusiasm and willingness to go deep in technical matter created a solid base for getting my title in Science.

Is this relevant?’

During my study all kind of subjects like thermodynamics, material science, fluids theory, heat transport, physical/chemical/biological water purification methods, hydrology, programming, simulating and modelling, came by. I often wondered why all these theories were relevant for me. At that time I didn’t know that I would apply for a job as Consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin in Hengelo and that everything I had learned would become very relevant.

My first day

I remember my first day, now about four months ago. I got a very pleasant and warm welcome from my colleagues and my buddy, who introduced me at Bilfinger Tebodin. As a consultant, every day is different, every client is different and every case is different. At one day I’m writing a water permit because the client intents to expand, and for example needs an extension in discharge requirements from the authorities. The other day I’m working at the client to develop a maintenance system (with the help of a FMECA study) or I function as a scribe during a safety study in the form of a HAZOP or LOPA.

This makes this job so much fun, and everything I learned during my study comes together. My background in (chemical) process engineering makes everything possible, but not only with a technical background you will find a place within Bilfinger Tebodin.

At Bilfinger Tebodin, you will get the opportunity to develop yourself in a way that you want. Especially when you have recently graduated and/or you want to meet the big fascinating world behind the industry. For me it means that I combine “License to Operate” (external safety, permits) with process safety and asset management. A combination that makes me going to my work happily every day!

 “We make ideas work”

Have you become curious about our possibilities for you as a student, junior, medior, senior or maybe as a client? Have a look at our website, social media channels or contact me by mail, phone or LinkedIn message, and maybe we’ll see each other soon!

Аuthor: Janet Kloppenburg

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