My experience as Acoustic Consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin

A year ago, I entered the world of industry as Acoustic Consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin. I visit clients on a regular basis to measure the noise emission of their facilities for the environmental license. No two facilities are the same and installations are used in different ways, therefore my work requires analytical insight and creativity to do the job as good as possible.

Plenty of variation

One of the best things about my job is the enormous variety of activities I get to look at. For example, I have seen a gigantic ocean-going vessel dock in the Port of Rotterdam and have stood in a super-sonic wind tunnel. This variety of companies also means the challenge of being strong in different sectors.

Why do clients call me?

The goal for the client is often to comply with or apply for the environmental permit. However, there are important aspects to this dead end. There must be enough (noise) space for everyone to live, work, produce, relax, etc. By being aware of the noise emission of your facility, you are also aware of everyone around you.

A double role: Acoustic Consultant and Ambassador Digitalization

In addition to my position as Acoustic Consultant, I have recently taken on a position as one of the Ambassadors for Digitalization in order to uncover needs within the Consultancy team at Bilfinger Tebodin that can be met by means of a digital solution. Together, we have already seen a whole range of needs and opportunities, for example, to make our internal processes run even more smoothly. This way I can perfectly combine my passion for acoustics and my study background in Human-Technology Interaction within the company!

Аuthor: Martijn Claessens