Kick-off and starting your career as a consultant Environmental Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin

In this blog, two consultants who recently started as Environmental Managers in the Netherlands talk about how they experienced their first months. Arjen van Nuil started within the Water department and Britt van der Linden started within the Environmental Management department, focussing on environment and sustainability.


I started working for Bilfinger Tebodin at the end of June 2021. Before this, I have worked on a number of projects for different companies. I have always felt that the first weeks and the training program the company offers say a lot about the culture and the way of working. If help and guidance is lacking at the start, it is a strong indication that this might be the same for much of the company. This in turn creates a rather chaotic and unpleasant experience. I am grateful that this is not the case at Bilfinger Tebodin. My first weeks were packed full of information, courses on compliance and a successful buddy system. This has been helpful in finishing my first real project for Bilfinger Tebodin, but also for getting a feeling for and connection to the company and my colleagues.

I truly feel that this is an important part of the introduction that often is overlooked at companies. Fortunately not here. Because of the pleasant first weeks, I am looking forward to the rest of my career at Bilfinger Tebodin.


My story is slightly different from Arjen’s since my job as a consultant is the first job after I graduated in January as a Biomedical Scientist. The question I am asked often is why a Biomedical Scientist is working as a consultant within an engineering company. Well, for me that is very simple as I have always been very keen on facilitating change around sustainability and connecting people to what inspires them. Of what I have seen in my first weeks, there is still a lot of potential in changing the mindset of how the industry is currently running their business. I see it as a challenge to make people and companies more aware of the way they are doing business and I think Bilfinger Tebodin offers me a great opportunity to be part of the transition to a more sustainable future. So far, just like Arjen, I have received a warm welcome. Moreover, what I like most is that there are many opportunities to develop and grow as a young professional within the company. I am excited to what the future will bring and meet even more of my colleagues.

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