How your project dream can turn into a nightmare

Imagine you are planning to build a new green field industrial facility abroad. In your home country authority procedures take up to three months. It always worked pretty well, so you present a total time schedule to your management based on former experiences. Your dream about a new project abroad is ready… or not?

Well ... If you go to another country, conditions vary extremely, based on local legislation. There may be positive surprises, but you may also face much more complicated and longer procedures than expected. As a result, projects face safety or compliance violations, time schedule delays, budget increase and quality loss... And then you think: when did it go wrong?

This possible nightmare can be avoided. You should simply talk to industrial consultants that combine know-how of the local market, legislation and your technology. Unfortunately, I see projects suffering from incomplete planning too often to ignore this topic. In the end, when you plan a cross-country investment, there is a point in boiling the ocean, agree?

Generally, when planning to build a new industrial facility abroad you need at least to make sure the following:

  • Make available your staff dedicated to the project.
  • Get ready to collect data from your running facilities and your technology suppliers.
  • Make sure you understand correctly local conditions for your projects in short-listed countries.
  • Involve in your project planning experts with local know-how.

If you are planning to build a new industrial facility abroad, feel free to contact me or our experts for advice:

Author: Jan Bobek

Previously Business Development Director CEE

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